Carbon removal. Verified.

Carbon forecasting, measurement, and validation for every acre.
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Ideal for you and the planet

The latest advancements in satellite monitoring and scientific modeling that scales with your climate ambitions.

Ideal for project developers

No need for site visits! Our remote measurement and validation platform means that you can focus on managing your land.

Satellite and scientific modeling give transparent insights into project health and its impact on carbon sequestration.

Growing climate ambitions

We focus on scalability. We want to open access to the carbon markets, whether you manage 5 acres or 50 thousand.

For carbon offset managers, minimal effort is needed to add an additional project to your portfolio.

A platform for nature-based carbon
Built from scientific first principles

Built for any sized project.
Pay by the acre.


For potential carbon offset projects
$1 Per acre
Billed once
  • Baseline of carbon sequestration in project area
  • Sequestration uncertainty from climate and weather risks
  • Analysis of potential future offsets


For ongoing carbon offset projects
$2 Per acre, per year
  • All items in Forecast tier
  • Monthly snapshots of crop health and offset potential
  • Seasonal weather and carbon forecasts
  • In-depth carbon offset verification twice per growing season


For companies managing many carbon offset projects
Pricing customized based on your needs
  • All items from Monitor tier
  • API access
  • Customize in-depth offset verification to your desired schedule
  • Customized reporting for carbon, water, or nutrient cycling.

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